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EliteEtc.com began in 2002 to deliver Exxon Elite 20W50 into the piston engines of all who were introduced upon its inception in the late nineties. Our first slogan "From your Desktop to your Doorstep" has now evolved to "From your Device to your Doorstep" and we will continue to try and deliver aviation lubricants to the best of our abilities.
The EliteEtc.com team.

Featured Products

Exxon Aviation Oil Elite 20W-50
Super-premium ashless dispersant multigrade.
ExxGard Oil Analysis Kit
Mobil Jet II - 24 X 1 qt
NSN 9150-00-913-9717

Premium gas turbine lubricant.
Mobil Jet 254 - 24 X 1 qt Can
NSN 9150-01-419-8958

Third-generation turbine lubricant.
Mobil AGL Pail
NSN 9150-01-600-0899

Supreme performance gear lubricant for MD, Boeing (Apache), and Erikson Air-crane helicopters.
Mobilgrease 28 (4 X 2 Kg Cans)
NSN 9150-01-378-0693

Wheel-bearing and general purpose aviation grease.
Mobilgrease 33 (4 X 2 KG Cans)
Multipurpose airframe BMS 3-33 grease.
Mobilgrease 33 (35 lb Pail)
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