Mobil AGL

We are pleased to announce the introduction of Mobil AGL Synthetic Aviation Gear Lubricant (Mobil AGL).

Mobil AGL is a fully synthetic helicopter gear oil that will help customers meet the lubrication challenges of today’s helicopter transmissions. Mobil AGL is manufactured and supplied with the high Aviation Product Integrity standards that our customers expect when purchasing ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants.

Several years ago, MD Helicopters, Boeing, and Erickson Air-Crane began recommending Mobil SHC 626 for use in some helicopter gearbox applications. Due to planned Mobil SHC 626 Series formulation changes, the existing original equipment manufacturers (OEM) qualifications received for current Mobil SHC 626 will not apply to the future formulation. Mobil AGL is recommended instead to meet OEM specifications.

Mobil AGL is formulated for high performance in helicopter transmissions, particularly for wear protection in extreme conditions.

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