ExxGard Oil Analysis

The EXXGARD Oil Analysis program is designed to give ExxonMobil’s piston engine oil customers peace of mind by warning against possible engine failure and providing a sound basis for planning cost-effective preventive maintenance.

Just as medical diagnostic tests use blood samples to pinpoint physical ailments, EXXGARD determines the ‘health’ of the engine through periodic laboratory analysis of the on-the-job conditions of the lube oil.

While a compression check tells about wear or damage that has already taken place in the engine, oil analysis can help forecast a potential engine problem that may happen in the future. Exxon engine oil customers can think of it as added insurance against potential equipment failure.

ExxGard oil analysis results are now available online. Online results are posted with in 24 hours of sampling and offer a variety of options to view, manage, sort and graph your results.

To view results online, you must first register for access to the ExxGard database. Click here to register for access (then click on the "Online Registration" button in the lower right corner), or to login if you are already registered.

Or you can call the lab toll-free at 800-445-7930. Please identify yourself as an ExxGard customer.

ExxGard Oil Analysis Kit
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