Tempest Oil Filters

Tempest Oil Filters
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Product Description

Tempest Excellence
  • Proven full size design, in use for over 30 years.
  • Magnetic, secondary filtration system, attracts steel particles too small to be caught in the filter media.
  • Full can thickness: 0.019".
  • Base plate thickness: 0.187". Competition thickness: 0.156".
  • Burst pressure 700 psi. Competition burst pressure 500 psi.
  • Media size: 311 sq in. Competition media size: 290 sq in.
  • Leaf spring technology for lateral stability of filter pack.
  • Powder coated finish for durability.
  • Bypass relief valve TCM spec 12-14 psi.
  • Convenient six pack.
Read Light Plane Maintenance's review of the Tempest Filter including the importance of the thicker can and base plate and higher burst pressure for TCM IO-520 series engines.

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